Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Reissue of an Old Post

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Reissue of an Old Post


   If you have been following my blog, you will have read a post titled Blogger Miseries. My blog, Google e-mail, and my personal Hotmail e-mail were spammed for thousands of times. I'll let you read my original post, rather than rewrite the same material. 

   I removed 10 posts that were spammed and sent feedback to Blogger, not that they ever read it. You have to consider that Google Blogger probably has 200,000,000 or more blogs. So I don't think Google is going to resolve a problem where about 200 bloggers write for help or complain on the Google Blogger Help Forums.  Google,s main line is that they really can't do much about spam, and people should never open it up if it in your mail.  Also, Google says that if you don;t open up the mail, and trash it, it's harmless.

  However, I feel that Google should and probably can do something, but they don't or do?

  I sent Google feedback and complaints via their send feedback on every Blogger page. As well, I wrote that from then on, I would remove the visibility of every post from then on that was affected by spam. Mysteriously, within 10 days and 10 post removals to draft mode the spam stopped!

  I've retitled the post and removed the original title, lest the spammers find this post again and start the spam cycle all over again. The reason that I was so irritated was the fact that I was working very hard to reach the 200,000 page view milestone (achieved on August 25, 2014). Sadly for me, I did not achieve that number truly, since there was so much spam. Today, I have  221,425 page views as of 17:33 P.M. EST (Canada), so thais is probably an actual 200,000 less the spam.

  I rethought my strategy, and decided to reissue all 10 posts, but edit them as well, and hide the original name, as I mention before. 

  This post received 7,115 page views, but as I mentioned 1000's were probably spam.

Monday, March 19, 2012
(This post originally appeared on the above date)

The new material appears in this colour type.

     Like today, the toy companies would make model toys based on current "real life" cars.  The  actual  Chrysler Airflow was made for a few years, but production stopped since the car was not a success in terms of sales. There were probably 1000x more toy cast iron Chrysler Airflow toys made than the actual real cars. If you search for Chrysler Airflow> on the Net you will see a truely >gem of a car for that era.

I've written about the Hubley model, so for today, I also include that one as a comparison. The Arcade toy shown today measures 4"(L)x 1 1/2"(W)x 1 1/2"(H) or 100mm x 38mm x 38mm. It's just a bit smaller than the Hubley.

The Hubley Airflow
(Length 4 1/2" or 112mm)

A "reproduction"Hubley-style toy car

There are several characteristics to inform you that this is a fake:

1. The surface finish of the car is very course compared to authentic cast iron toys.
Compare the red fake above to the beige one below.

2. The white wheels are metal, whereas the real toys 
have rubber tires  on wood rims or even metal rims.

3. The Hubley had a special patented system of attaching the upper body to the lower chassis. You can see how this was done in the first large image LOOK AT THE LOWER LEFT PHOTO. THe spare tire goes around the rim of the lower  nickel-plated part. This jus how the 2 parts are held together.

With the fake, a screw on the spare tire hold the parts together.

4. The lower chassis part on a real toy was nickel-plated,whereas the fake is
a cheap cast iron casting.

The Hubley Enlarged

The Arcade Chrysler Airflow

The basic Arcade design is similar to the Hubley however the differences are:

 1. More windows on the Arcade

2. Less-sophisticated grillwork on the Arcade

3. Single Fornt Window on the Arcade, whereas the Hubley is split in 2.

4. The rear window on the arcade is one, whereas the Hubley is split in 2.

Of course, there could have been 2 models of the Airflow!

You can see hw many times this toy had been repainted before I finally received it. At the time, I never even thought of restoring it!  Now that I think why (to myself), I realize that I'm I liked the fact that here was a toy that probably was passed from generation to generation for who knows how many years. With character like that, I won't want to alter the toy in any way, and I didn't

Self-evaluation of this almost 2 year old post:

When I look at this post, I realize how much I've changed my writing and my photos. Of course, I don't buy and sell anymore,  but I have 1000's of my own photos that I have not used before.I use many more photos in each post and I write more, although I'm sure a few of you (my readers) think I ramble on or talk too much! 

Also, at the time 2 years ago, I liked to use more dramatic lighting on the toys. whereas today, most of the photos that I use had simpler lighting. As well, I have removed most backgrounds and foundations (what something sits on ), but left a few shadows.

The best judge of this blog would be my readers, so if you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear from you. You can write to me at my address below, and I will keep your name confidential.

Thanks for dropping by, and have a 
good morning, afternoon, or evening wherever you may be.