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Introducing N.E.T.T.E Auctions

  Wednesday, October 8, 2014
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N.E.T.T.E. Auctions

  For today's post, I have the pleasure of introducing to you N.E.T.T.E. Auctions. There name is an acronym that stands for New England Toy Train Exchange  (an abbreviation of letters representing something such as an organization or company). The company is located in Danbury, Connecticut (USA) and has a professional staff with nearly a combined total of 40 years experience in the special area of the toy train field. I have seen their name almost every time that I venture over to Liveauctioneers, and I was surprised that I had never contacted them before.  I sued a logo from their website, although the one on Liveauctioneers is different. Nevertheless, their logo is well-designed and attracts your attention quite easily.

  What initiated my invitation to invite N.E.T.T.E. Auctions to be on my blog was a nice Strauss timber truck that I will present tomorrow. Heidi (my wife) and I are rebuilding our sunroom that is in the back of our house. So all the morning and afternoon, all I hear is the bang, bang bang, and saw, sea saw of the hammer and circular saw. That of course got me thinking about wood and toy lumber or timber trucks.


"These 5 Cars were Documented in Louis Hertz's Book, Collecting Toy Trains. There existed a photo of the Lionel Production Crew examining these on a production table. They went from the Lionel Archives to Doc Robbie's amazing collection. And now they can be yours! All have the telltale blue paint approval splotch applied to 1 or more surfaces as Stated in the book. All paint has been tested and dates appropriately, the consignor guarantees their authenticity as do we. The grading on these assumes the Blue is part of the original paint, not a defect of any kind. All are late colored variations - 212 Gondola, C-6+(Very Good Plus); 215 Sunoco Tank Car, decals 100%, brass railing, C-6(Very Good); 214R Reefer, also marked #37 on sides and frame, C-5(Good); 219 White Derrick, Gears intact, C-7(excellent); 217 Caboose, C-6-(Very Good Minus). Remember these are One-of-a-Kind Rarities! WOW!"*
* Description Courtesy of N.E.T.T.Auctions

What,s especially interesting for the train listing is that the train was bid quite high probably because of the writer - Mr Louis Hertz. A Photo of the is nice set of Lionel Trains appeared in the book, hence the blue markings on the train.  The blue were the markings of a group of Lionel inspectors who were examining the trains.

Sometimes, you will see items at auctions that are not necessarily rare, but it's the person who owned the item that enamours a special group of people who like to collects items owned by famous people. In today's post, the fact that a well-known authority and writer had used a photo in his book, made the toys all the more attractive to bidders.

In the end, the story ended well, and the trains achieved a very nice price at auction!

I hope that the new owner found a copy of Mr. Hertz's book.
Of course, if the book had his signature, then that would be another story!

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