Saturday, October 18, 2014

Welker & Crosby - Part II

Saturday, October 18, 2014
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Welker & Crosby 
Part II

   If you've read my blog before, you'll know that I seldom team up different people or companies on a single post. I prefer to give exclusivity to each and every person or company that helps me out.  I'm sure nobody minds, but I like to do this.

  I didn't find too many  Welker & Crosby toys on Liveauctioneers. This is a great website to visit to check out all kinds of antiques, especially toys. Icollector is another similar location. Both of these excellent companies and sites present auction companies which their merchandise,and also afford the companies a resource where people can bid in real time on the same items. If you do visit Liveauctioneers, you'll see more Welker & Crosby items that I have not presented, because I don't have the permission from the other auctioneers. 

I could;n\t find the meaning of the word "bouch". I had mentioned in the prevois post that there was a whole vocabulary at the time for all of the different types of horse-drawn "vehicles".

Of course, the word "dray" is easily found.  A dray is a horse-drawn truck or cart for carrying and delivering very heavy loads such as beer barrels. It usually has  fixed sides that you see on this fine toy. I', wondering if the arched shape of the wagon was an engineering design to better carry heavy loads. Today, you still see this arched design on the heavy trailers that semis (trucks) pull of course.)

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