Monday, October 13, 2014

A Superbly-Photographed Smith-Miller Timber Truck

Monday, October 13, 2014
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A Superbly-Photographed
Smith-Miller Timber Truck

   While I was searching out Strauss timber trucks yesterday, I came across a very nice Smith-Miller truck. Better still, it was excellently photographed by Dirk Soulis  of Dirk Soulis Auctions. I had only recently write to Dirk to ask for his permission to write about his company and of course his fine items that had gone to auction.  His photography is gréât, and his images sises are large. This not only helps make my life easier when posting, but also allows readers to see the small details of the  toy items that he has sold.

The Smith-Miller company was purchased a while ago and still continues to produce their fine toys.
The truck below was produced in the 1950's and is in gréât shape. It is however missing the chaine that would have held the timbers in place.  I'm sure that anyone who purchased this toy, would be able to contact the company today for replacement parts. These toys became collector items rather than toys, so it's rare today that a child would play with them.

Some of the rare Smith-Miller "items" (not using the word toys) can sell for 1000's of dollars!

When you examine the photos in the Blogger slide mode, 
you can see the nice detail in these dis cast toys.

I woiuld be willing to bet that there are many adults out there who have had their children play with thèse collectibles. Hopefully, the children played with them very carefully, so that the fathers wouild still be able to boast about their fine collection of "models"!

I sometimes wonder who the child is with regard to these fine "collectibles !
This would especially true on a rainy day, like today in Monrtreal, when children would be in the house rather than outdoors.

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