Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Dozen Strauss Trucks

Saturday, October 11, 2014
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A Dozen Strauss Trucks

  I've been writing about lumber (timber) trucks,and for a few of the latest posts had the Struss lumber truck with its trailer. However, if you simply type in "Strauss Truck" rather than "Strauss Timber Truck", all kinds of trucks will show as the search results.  I did this by accident, several times, and corrected myself, but knew I would have today's post for an idea. 

   What's noteworthy is that Strauss made at least 12 of these toy trucks all similar in design and with bold colours and the key wind movement. More interestingly, these toys were made for over a decade (1930's-1940's), so they certainly must have sold very well.

The truck below is a delivery truck and is quite different from the other trucks presented today.
The 3 trucks below are very similar. The main differences are the colour schemes and the titles on the sides of the trucks. Also the sizes are different.

The Strauss Auto Dump Truck below is  slightly;y different with 
the smaller-sized dumpster in the back of the truck.

The Strauss  Tow Truck got larger over a deceased. What I find interesting is that the company stayed with an older-model truck in 1940. What's more interesting is that the newer model 
doesn't have head lights!

Once again, we see the same basic design below. What changes from the 1930's to the 1940's
is that there is a  rear gate that folds down in the 1940's version.

Another type of truck in the Strauss line was the  liquid delivery. There were 2 liquids - water and oil. Here again, you can easily see the similarities between booth the water and the oil delivery trucks. 

The differences are small. The water truck has one filling cap, while the oil has 2 caps.
Smaller differences include the colour themes and the side numbers.

72 for water,  and 73 for the larger oil truck.
The junior-sized truck is smaller, and has no numbers.

Once again notice that the larger trucks don;t have headlights, while the smaller "junior" has them.

There's an old expression that says "if it isn't broken, don;t fix it".
Interpreted, that simply meant that if something worked or was a successful, then don't change it.
In the case of the Strauss trucks, the basic design didn't change much for a deceased, and the designs for most of the trucks, albeit the colour patterns were also similar.

On an assembly line, workers, I'm sure would have been quite proficient and fast at being able to mass produce these toys. Of course, they must have learned from Henry Ford and his assembly line.

Or perhaps they learned, but "altered" from one of his famous lines.

Several years after Mr Ford had proven the  moving assembly line to be very successful, and his Model T Fords rolled off one-after-another very swiftly, Mr. Ford was  asked  a question by a reporter.

"Mr. Ford," the reporter asked. 
"Are you ever going to paint your cars in other colours beside black?
"Yes"  Mr. Ford,  was supposedly heard to have said answered.
Any colour, as long as it is in black".

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