Sunday, October 19, 2014

Matching Ives Catalogue Illustrations to Actual Toys

Sunday, October 19,2014
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Matching Ives Catalogue Illustrations
to Actual Toys

   I recently introduced everyone to N.E.T.T.E. Auctions  (October 8, 2014). They are a fine auction company that specializes in  trains. However, as I have learned, you can sometimes find true non-train treasures within a specialty auctioneer. I was both surprised and not surprised when I did a search for Ives toys. The company i sactually called the Ives, Blakesles, & Williams Co., and I found some beautiful toys from a long time ago!

The scanned page above is from an 1893 catalogue that was reprinted and sold to members of the MBCA (Mechanical Bank Club of America) in 1965. One of their members, Mr. L.C.Hagerty, a collector of iron toys and mechanical banks, loaned the Club an actual original copy of the catalogue. The Club sells old catalogue reproductions at their conventions,and ~I was able to purchase one on ebay.

The figure in the above immediate illustration is described as a "Negro Rider", which I'm unsure if he is. Also, the item below was described in the auction as a boy. This toy  was quite expensive for its time, and the boy figure was certainly very fancily dressed for play!

A velocipede is a two or three-wheeled  vehicle or early bicycle that is propelled by a rider. In this case, the movement is done by hand. I sometimes see velocipedes on the Lachine Canal bicycle path here in Montreal. Sometimes these are propelled by  people who are paralyzed in their legs, and sometimes I'll see people who prefer to use their hands for movement. In both cases, it's amazing how muscular these people are developed on their arms.

The clothing on this boy rider is quite ornate and nicely sewn.
add the description to a photo, so here it is:

" One of Ives first Clock work toys.  Dressed boy riding velocipede, hand painted and stenciled, wooden platform
with tin hobby horse on front.  Clockwork working with key ,nice smooth motion. Original silk clothes show minor fading with no holes visible, super face with original hat that is often missing on this rare toy. C7+ (condition) Super! 
The height x width x length dimensions are 8" x 5" x 10"  (203 mm x 127 mm x 254 mm).*
* Description Courtesy of N.E.T.T.E. Auctions

Once again, I forgot to add the written description from the auctioneer. So here it is below, courtesy of N.E.T.T.E. Auctions:

Circa 1893, originally from the Perlman Museum, this early Ives toy is in very nice original condition. All its clothes are present,though his pants have been taped to his body. One of the bells is loose and his leg is missing a piece of fir covering. Clock work with key, wooden box with original cover, paper label is 90%.
Over all, this toy grades C7 Super.*
* Description Courtesy of N.E.T.T.E. Auctions

N.E.T.T.E. Auctions describes the toy as having been acquired from the Perelman Museum.

The article was written by Ms. Lita Solis-Cohen for The Philadephia Inquirer on August 31, 1988.

It's interesting that this toy came in a wooden box, just like many of the cast iron toy banks of that era. The face of the monkey is quite realistic, and I wonder what the material was made of.

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