Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Carpenter Single Ladder Burning Building - Model II

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
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The Carpenter Single Ladder Burning Building
Model II

  Earlier today, I posted a fine and very rare toy from the Carpenter toy company. It was a two ladder burning building cast iron toy. There were three slightly different models made, and I wasn't sure if I'd fine all three. I did find the third one. This particular model  is the second one with two stories and one ladder.

  I found this one from the James D. Julia Inc. company which is one of my many friendly companies who allow me to use their photos. Not only are they one of the finest auctioneers in North America, but I first discovered that they regularly sold what are called salesman's models. These are exact small-sized (scaled down) models of actual machinery and other items. You have to visit their site to see these most fascinating items.  If I could ever afford them , these definitely would be my type of toys!

"Originally found in a Massachusetts attic many years ago and until recently resided in a private collection. Perhaps this is one of the greatest and most amusing toys ever manufactured. The Carpenter firm (Port Chester, New York) modeled this toy after the brownstones of NYC. The elaborate cast iron facade is mounted on a wooden base with a cast iron sidewalk. There are three documented versions of this toy, this is the two-story version having a damsel on a fiery balcony awaiting the fireman below to ascend the ladder and bring her down to safety. Down below is a second fireman with a fire hose attached to the hydrant, attempting to extinguish the fiery blaze. A most uncommon feature of this toy is an open side door with cast iron jamb. A toy that appeals not only to the serious toy collector but for anyone who appreciates the rare and unusual. SIZE: 16-1/2″ h x 6″ d x 7-1/2″. CONDITION: Overall near excellent original condition. Original ladder has old inpainting (50+ years?) with original yellow paint visible in spots with original climbing fireman. Woman in balcony and fireman tending hose are old replacements. These slight drawbacks are insignificant compared to the importance of this scarce and desirable piece"*
* Description Courtesy of James D. Julia Inc. 

This particular model is in exemplary condition as you can see.

The figures in the cast of characters in this scene are beautiful moulded in cast iron. The lady has her  arms and hands in a circle allowing for her rescuer to catch her with his right hand.
He's the fireman climbing the ladder. 

You can see how much these figures were handled from the beautiful patina
 that has polished and smoothed out  the paint over the years. 

I believe that the string to have the firman move up the ladder is missing. You can look at the previous post to get an understanding as to how the action of saving the lady would have worked. 

So this is a "short and sweet" post, apart of a triad (3) that I decided to door these wonderful  Carpenter Company toys.

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