Friday, October 3, 2014

Some of the Winners of a 1914-1915 Meccano Contest

Friday, October 3, 2014
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Some of the Winners of the
1914-1915 Meccano Contest

   I recently received a CD that I had ordered from . There are a fair amount of companies that produce very old toy and hardware catalogues. Most of the companies that once produced the catalogues are no longer ion business, so unless a modern company buys the rights to to the defunct company, anyone is free to reproduce theses materials. I'm not sure what the "rights" of these companies are, but I respect their mention of copyright ownership, and thus I add both the copyright notices and the logo on the images.  I found this CD on ebay, and the the sot re's name is Bygone Days Collectables Genealogy. The owner's name is Mr. Trevor Williams. I feel that if they went through the effort to reproduce the material to make some money or a living, so good luck to them! I'm also unsure if Meccano, now owned by Hornby (Great Britain) have any "right" to these materials either. I contacted Trevor, and he was quite knowledgeable enough to say that I need not add his name or copyright notice since the catalogue had been in the "pubic domain".

  Today's post is from a small Meccano magazine or pamphlet that  was produced in I assume 1915. What's of interest to anyone who might like to collect such material is that this  pamphlet was originally in a library and was found or purchased later. Libraries are always selling off old books to make way for new books. I even purchased on ebay, an old book that was also purchased form a library.

I used this photo first for Trevor's  Logo.

This is the actual logo that Trevor uses on ebay for his store.

You can see the Dewey Decimal classification library identification number in the upper left corner of this pamphlet. I left the cover in the same presentation as I received it with the aged brown/yellow tones. However, I decided to enhance the rest of the presentation in order to best show you the winners of this contest.

One day, I'll add a post about how I remove the aging paper colour as you can see below.
I'm goint to check my other blog that I rarely post to and see if I'd did a post about this.
If not, I'll add one.

That blog is called ProphotographyLearning and the link is below:

I stopped my 2 other blogs because I wasn't receiving enough readership. Consequently, I decided to concentrate on the antique toy blog.  I would have liked to continue the 2 other blogs (the third one being Photoshop made easy). Personally I had found that most book on Photoshop were too large and too complicated, and never really went into simpler explanations to get people to be more familiar and at ease with this program!

Wow! A Weaving loom. 
This certainly was a great entry by F.Businger for "thinking outside the box". 

Another exceptional entry. I've seen  actual antique toys almost similar to this one. 
I think Meccano actually adapted this winner into a kit. looking very much similar to this.

A few more great winning entries.
Of course, some of these entries had to have lots of parts, and probably from several different kits.
Considering the average salary for anyone in the western world in 1914-1915,  most people could not afford to buy their children such luxurious toys.

The lower left toy and the lower right one are my favourites on this page.
The cantilevered toy to the left and that giant American Dredger are fabulous. 

I've purposely made these photos extra-large for everyone to see them in Blogger's slide mode.
Meccano is still sold around the world, and there is even a company that sells all kinds of parts 
(old and new) for kits. I'll try and find that company and write to then!
Maybe I can post about them!

For those who have never read my first post, it was the discovery by a friend of 2 Meccano sets in perfect condition and her subsequent sale to me that got me started on this blog. I eventually sold them to a collector, and started buying and selling toys on ebay in order to keep the blog going.

Nowadays, I get help from all of my "friends" that I have had the pleasure to be able to write about and present their fine toys that go to market and auction. Some days, I may not know what I will be writing, but I know that I will eventually find something to write and enjoy doing that!

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and as always,
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Bob Walden said...

Have you ever seen a repro catalog for Arcade or Hubley?

toysearcher said...

Hi Bob,

Yes, you have to periodically check ebay or Abebook or Amazon.
I'll be adding a new post about the Arcade Cast iron taxis.
With it will be some pages from a 1936 Arcade reproduction album.