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The Carpenter Three Storey Burning Building - Model III

Tuesday October 28, 2014
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The Carpenter Company Three Storey Burning Building 
Model III


  I found the third model of the Carpenter Burning Building that James D. Julia Inc. had described in his sale of the second model (model II) of the Carpenter Burning Building description. James D. Julia had mentioned that there were in fact three (3) models of this 1890's exceptional toy,but I had only known initially of one,. With the currently scheduled Bertoia Auction of the Max Berry Collection being presented on November 14-14, 2014, I discovered the second model - a two ladder, two story burning building. 

  Todays post # 3  completes the series of three of the 1890's Carpenter Company cast iron "Burning Building" triad of 3 models. This model was sold by Pook & Pook, another exceptional American Auction Company. I've left their identifying photo characteristic in the photo, rather than go with my white background/white foundation modification. They photograph their items in different ways, but this nice material easily identifies them whenever you see an item from their company on the Net.

   As with all three of these fine auctioneers,Bertoia Auctions, James D.Julia Inc.,and Pook and Pook Inc., you will always see the most interesting items, superb photography,and well-written descriptions.

Pook  & Pook's  model completes the beautiful entry of the Carpenter Company's
Burning Building Series. Their entry is a three story, one ladder toy.

Carpenter cast iron and wood burning three-story
Carpenter cast iron and wood burning three-story building with firemen and rescue women.
Height:  22 3/4"   578  mm*
* Description Courtesy of Pook & Pook Inc.

Once again, this Carpenter toy was built from wood and cast iron.  There was no mention of weight, but I'm sure it must be another "heavyweight". In this model, it appears that the hero firemen are able to save two women. The latter is attached via a horizontal bar and can move from left to right and vice versa. 

If you haven't read the previous posts, the way the foreman saves the lady is by climbing the ladder. When his raised right hand gets to the lady in yellow, he will be able to hook his hand in her arranged circle of her two clasped hands and arms.

Pook & Pook Inc. took an excellent illustrative photo 
to explain how the fireman would save the lady.

Once again, you can see how the patina is so smooth and the figures were addled by small hands and probably large ones (adults) over time. The paint is smooth, lustrous, and in some places simply fell off.

I like the ornate pattern of the building and of course the "horrendous" fire
 that is coming out form the apartment. It's a good thing that these firemen came prepared with a three-0story ladder and not a two-story one - otherwise there wouldn't a happy ending for all of the years that this toy has existed - almost 115 years x 365 days, plus leap years, weekends,after homework evenings, holidays…. You get the picture!

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