Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Swan Leads to Another

Sunday, September 14, 2014
          Sunny, clear skies, and cold

One Swan Leads to Another

   I discovered a nice toy while whiles searching on Liveauctioneers. The toy was a nice cast iron
 J. & E. Stevens pull toy of a swan pulling a chariot, with a young girl laying in the shell. I searched for more of these, and found "other" different swan toys. I then decided to write about the 3 toys, rather than elaborate on the first one, whereby I would have searched for more past auctions of the same toy,but with different photographs. I do this because sometimes the same item up for action will be photographed in different ways by the same auctioneers. In this way,I can present a better view of the toy.

The J. & E. Stevens pill toy below is certainly a most  beautiful toy. There would have been a nice ribbon joining the swan to the young girl in the shell.  The fine detail on the swan is exquisite.

As you can  see, Bertoia Auction took painstaking care to present all of the nice features of this toy.
Of course, when the original box accompanies the original toy, an added value automatically results.

Henry was a cartoon character created by Carl Anderson in 1932.
He almost never talked in the newspaper cartoon strip, and the actual history and popularity of the comic character is very interesting. If you do a search on your browser or go to Wikipedia and type in "Henry cartoon character" you will find a very readable and interesting story behind the cartoon.

Below is Gunthermann's entry into the realm of swan toys. It's also a pull toy like the J. & E. Stevens toy. It had a beautiful design, and as the toy is pulled, the wings move and flap.

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