Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Very Rare Rock & Graner Battleship Comes to Auction

Wednesday, September 16, 2014
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A Very Rare 
Rock & Graner Battleship
Comes to Auction

   To be a well-respected and successful business, the people and owners of Bertoia Auctions have to search worldwide to find real treasures that will come to auction. I've already posted several of Bertoia's fine items that are to go to auction on September 19, 2014, but decided to wait for todays finest. It's a  German made, Rock & Graner Battleship made in 1900. If you visit Liveauctioneers, you'll only see a few of these exceptional toys. I don;t know if the Late Malcolm Forbes auction
 (Sotheby's) had any. You'll have to search and check, but if anyone would have had any of these, it would have been Mr. Forbes.

    I just won an auction in Germany about these boats, and when the book arrives, I'll see if I can get permission from the publisher to use the photos. Of course, the book is in German, and I'll need one of of those translators on the Net to translate.

   What makes these early German ships so rare and in demand is the fact that very few are still around. Also, being very expensive  even in 1900, only well-off (rich people could really afford to purchase such toys for their children.

Of course, it always helps to have quality photography, and with Bertoia Auctions, I never am disappointed.  Extremely rare and beautiful toys need to be shown to their best features, and 
Bertoia Auctions always does this, even for less rare toys. 

All toys deserve to appear to their best, and  this toy's beauty and details have been shown to their best. I can almost here the toy saying "Danke"!

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