Saturday, September 27, 2014

More Exceptional Marklin Constructor Kit Cars

Saturday, September 27, 2014
                Sunny and very warm -
         exceptional continued weather!

More Exceptional Marklin
Constructor Car Kits

  Yesterday, I presented another fine toy from Mr. Frederick Pals - an exceptional ebay merchant. Of course, that highly motivated me to search out more of these constructor car kits. So I went to another exceptional website- the exceptional Bertoia Auctions. Bertoia Auctions, for those who have never been to my blog or read previous posts of Bertoia Auctions, is a family-operation American old and antique toy auction company. I have had the pleasure to be able to write about them and their fine toys.  Their photography is excellent, their descriptions are well-informed, and even one of them Richard (Rich) Bertoia has written an excellent book on toy motorcycles.

  I've only seen to date about 4-5 different Marklin Auto-Baukasten (Auto Modular) constructor car kits. What's "exceptional" about these toys is first and foremost their dual function. Children got hands-on experience to assemble these toys, and then of course, secondly to play with them.  Moreover, these are fairly well-sized at 14 1/4" (362 mm). Tis size allowed younger children to work with a nice size to be able to more easily assemble the kit.

You'll have to look at these toys in Blogger's slide-view mode. In this way, you'll be able to see the whole car in a much larger (magnified) view. You will be able to see all of the small and fine detail that went into the design of this toy.

What I especially like about these Marklin toys is that they were rejuvenated and  made in the late 1980's and early 1990's The one below is contemporary (modern). The significant difference is that this one has working headlights, probably from a battery.

I've only seen to date one other company that  brought back their vintage toys in modern times and that is Paya from Spain.But I haven't seen many of their old original toys, or perhaps I haven't searched hard enough! There are lots and lots of Paya contemporary toys available, and these are beautifully coloured.

 The Horch car model below is described as being one of the rarest auto toys that can be found from Marklin. It's also a beautiful car modelled after a beautiful vintage "real" car of the period.
This one that came to auction was more valuable because it came with the original box.

What's great about these old toys is that people have kept them in great condition over the years, and I'm sure they're in still playable condition.

 Now if could find some money (not go to my Tim Horton's coffee shop for 2 years, hope the car doesn't appreciate too much in the next 2 years, hope that at 67, my wife will allow me to play with toys, or maybe someone at Marklin will read this post and again have the company come out with more of these contemporary kits….

Oooh,  I was daydreaming again!

Back to reality!

I'm now going to Tim Horton's 

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