Sunday, September 14, 2014

Unassembled Parts from the J & E Stevens Swan Toy

Sunday, September 14, 2014
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Unassembled Parts from the
J & E Stevens Swan Toy

   When I was searching for images of the J & E Stevens Swan, I came across a whole lot of fantastic  unassembled pieces from all kinds of toys from the Stevens Company. Sometimes, when a company either closes down or goes into bankruptcy, all of the entire factory's contents go up for sale.  What came up in my search was a fabulous collection of all kinds of different J. & E. Stevens pull toys  that the Lloyd Ralston Galley had auctioned off. 

The auction occurred on April 4, 2009.

If you go to Liveauctioneers and search for J & E Stevens Swan toy, you should come to the page of all the J & E Stevens unassembled d to parts.

What's interesting to these photos is the fact that they provide you with  the unassembled parts. As such, you can try and figure out just how the toy would have been assembled. 

I dontl see any springs, so I assume that the parts were designed to cleverly and easily lock into
each other so as to create the movement of the swan's wings.

The top photo description informs you that all the parts are there to assemble a complete toy.
If you're curious like me, you'll probably spend a few minutes to see what parts are missing or are extras in the other 2 photos!

Some times being too inquisitive wastes time!

A Hint:

To save time and compare the finished toy (Bertoia Auctions) to the parts from the Lloyd Ralston Gallery Auction, simply open up a new window, and place the 2 photos side-by-side.

You won't necessarily see all of the parts, but you'll be able to better understand how the toy worked.

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