Saturday, September 6, 2014

Finding Photos to Match an A.C.Gilbert Toy Catalogue

Saturday,September 6, 2014
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Finding Photos to Match an
A.C. Gilbert Toy Catalogue

  When you want to purchase something on ebay, you have to constantly search what you are looking for. Of course, if you search on ebay long enough, ebay will start to send you email notices. Therefore, it's best not be be signed in when you're looking . Last week, there were 2 CD catalogues of old and antique toys that I purchased there. I received one today. 

   I'm presenting some toys that I matched up to a 1919 A.C.Gilbert (U.S.A.) toy catalogue.  While I was searching the Internet for information today, I discovered that this particular catalogue could be found "for free".  Anyway, the rest of the CD hopefully will not be available so easy, and if it is, I'll notify everyone.

   A.C. Gilbert is most famously known for his "erector sets", akin to theBritish Meccano company sets that eventually was purchased by Hornby. However, he also made toys,chemistry kits, wireless kits (Morse Code), and tool kits.  I'll present more of this catalogue sometime in the near future.

Toy can see the 3 toys that I presented below from Bertoia Auctions in the illustrated page above.
It's hard to see the long coil that was connected to the front winding crank at the front of these toys. At the crank turned, it tightened the coiled spring which created stored energy. When the energy was released the wheels turned and the vehicle moved.

These aren't the most closely toy very old toy available, and these toys nicely represent vehicles of the time. I noticed that the catalogue is dated from 1919,yet the toys continued to be made later on.

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