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Cast Iron Racers-Part 2-A.C.Williams

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Cast Iron Racers -Part 2

   I started this 3-part series on September 10, 2014. This is the second of 3 parts.  Toy companies always produced items that were modelled from "real" actual items. Examples were fire wagons pulled by horses, cars, race cars, and of course trucks. With the advent of Henry Ford's assembly line, cars were produced by the millions, and naturally, people and car companies wanted to create faster and better models. Racetracks were built and of course, there were cross-country races from the east coast of America to the west coast. In Europe, races were more "refined", creating races across the Sahara, and across Europe.

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I found a very interesting website about the history of the A.C.Willams company.
The company is still in business, but under a different name. 

Below is the link to it.

The A.C. Racers, circa 1930  came in 4 colours (that I know of). They were  yellow, blue, green, and red. The only difference among the cars are the hubs that support the white rubber tires. They were made in painted red wood, or could be nickel plated. 

All 4 are in almost excellent condition, which is quite astonishing,
 considering these toys are 80+ years old! 

I like the nickel-plated driver, and the cast iron steering wheel which was case was part of the whole car. What I like is are the three vertical lines within the circle of the steering wheel.

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