Monday, September 15, 2014

Treasures Found - The Walnutts and Their Mechandise

Monday, September 15, 2014
    Partly sunny and unseasonably cold!

Treasures Found:
The Walnutts and their Merchandise

   I had seen the name of today's auctioneer, and thought that I had written about the husband and wife team before. Their business name is Walnutts Antiques, so how could I not remember a name with Walnutts having 2 letter "T's"?  I searched all my photo files, my 885 posts, my e-mails on my personal e-mail address, my ebay mail, my g-mail mail, and nowhere could I find anything! I know that I wouldn't write a new post without first corresponding with the Cardarpolis, and apologizing profusely. At 65, it's easier to apologize, and e-mailing doesn't allow the recipient of the apology to see me changing red on my face like a chameleon.

    I wrote  to Mr. Tom Cardarpoli , and he gave me the go ahead - plain and simply, without  having worried if I did write about him or how come I wasn't more prudent with people's work, or why am I pestering him again, when he said no 3 years ago and so on. 

Phew, that was a relief!

   Tom Cardarpoli   works with his wife and daughter in their business on ebay. I had gone to their store to see some nice steam engines for sale. But of course, my "usual" important requirements were nice photography, and excellent feedback. The family had both! But  what Tom and family also have are well-written and researched descriptions for their merchandise.  But it didn't stop there. Tom has a website/blog and it's most interesting. There, he has presented some of the items that he has sold,along with nicely-written narratives and descriptions to accompany the photos. 

   The Cardarpoli family sells old and antique photographic images, military, historic memorabilia, and of course toys. If I wanted to spend more time on blogging, I most certainly would be writing about historic memorabilia, and photographs, as well as antiques and period furniture.

The Cardarpoli  website is an excellent site to read and view interesting things. As well, the family has added great website resources for readers and collectors to venture to.

The descriptions that I  added below were just part of the extensive material that Tom & Family wrote for  both of these toys listed on ebay. This is the most I've ever added for descriptions. I thought of adding all of the description, but there would have been a lot of  description for this post,so I kept the descriptions just on the photos.

What I'm always amazed at is that these are toys. Of course, I'm sure pare stns would always be with their younger children to supervise them with these toys, which can burn with a fire source, and produce very high temperatures from steam.

These toys became very popular at the end of the 19th century and into the 20th century. It was the steam engine that propelled the Industrial revolution in England and made Great Britain what it became win that period. As with many "real" things, the steam engine became a 'serious toy for children to play with,and learn the concept of henry could be put to use to run machines.

THese 2 machines appear to be free-standing, and are played with by themselves. However there are stem engine toys that could be attached to small working figures and their "tools of the trade". You could;d actually set up an entire factory of people doing all sorts of jobs. I've even written about that in previous posts!

AS I mentioned earlier, one of the things that that I like about the Walnutts family is their excellent photography.  I'm a "bit" mechanically inclined, so when I see nice photos with a nice description, I can try and figure out just how something works.  

When I wrote previously write about these special toys, I found out that they are still popular among people and they are still made. In fact, I saw one in an antiques store here in Montreal, and debated whether or not to buy it. I didn't. However, it would have been fun to play with (with my safety glasses, long sleeved shirts, outdoors, and far away from Buddy -my dog!

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