Friday, September 26, 2014

I Never Stop Being Amazed at This Exceptional E-Bay Seller

Friday, September 25, 2014
         Exceptional autumn weather
          Sunny, warmer than usual 

I Never Stop Being Amazed
at This Exceptional ebay Seller

   If you haven't been to my blog before, what I like to do is visit Liveauctioneers and ebay regularly in order to find old and antique toys. However, try as I may, I haven't been able to get permission from several European auctioneers to be able to write about them and of course their toys.

   However, better than that, I have been able to make friends with an exceptional ebay seller by the name of Mr. Frederick Pals. Mr. Pals goes by the name of Freek on ebay. If you do an ebay search for wind-up toys, European toys, antique European toys, or simply wind-up toys, you will definitely find Frederick and his exceptional collection of toys that he always has for sale. 

   What is more exceptional about Frederick is the fact that he takes great photographs of all his items, and lots of them as well!  And, he know his toys. Whenever he photographs his toys, he places the, against a book backdrop that will show you similar or even the identical toy in the book. And he has lots ands lots of books that he uses both as backgrounds to the toys, and to provide great descriptions and data about the toys. 

    I've written several times about Frederick and his exceptional toys, and have received permission to modify his photos, but never the toys. If you search for Frederick Pals on my blog, you will find at least 4 more posts. 

For a toy that is almost 85 years old, it is in exceptional and unbelievable condition. What I like about  some of the Maërkin toys of this period, like the one below is that a child got to not onoybuild it from a kit, but to play with it also. But even better is that these toys were engineered tough, and they were meant to be played with-rough!

I left the photo-edified photos and the description for the last part of the post.
This is an exceptional toy in excellent condition, and I had to save the best for last!
I never alter the toy itself,but I like to place in against white in order to show it best (my personal opinion). I will though, try and adjust exposure, shadow and highlight details, and colour.

This certainly is a fine toy. I like the Maerklin toys because
 they were and still are made very well and strong.

It's too bad Frederick lives across the ocean and not across my street or even across town.
I would be at his house every day, asking if I could play with, I meant "look" at his toys!

Thanks for dropping by to visit,
and as always, 
have a great part of the day or night,
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