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Cast Iron Racers-Part 3 - Vindex

Thursday, September 19, 2014
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Cast Iron Racers
Part 3

Today's post is from the Vindex Toy Company. The company existed around the same time as other cast iron companies of the time. These included Arcade and A.C.Williams,whom of written about. I'll be writing about Hubley's version soon.  Vindex toys are rarer and usually achieve higher values at auction. Their cast iron farm toys are always in high demand, and of course it's their well-crafted design and detail that make them more in demand.

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The  driver on this car was cast  separately from the body.THe wheels are similar in nature (spoke) to those of the Hubley "animated racer". The contrasting gold painted tail and gold painted embossed tailpipes and hood vents certainly make this toy a collectible.

At 11" (279 mm), it was quite heavy, and I can imagine this car travelling a long distance when pushed hard on a road or a long hop use corridor.

 This red model has nickel plated spokes that are in excellent condition.
THe tail fin is not painted compared with the one below.

I like hpow the driver is bent down as if to simulate a more focussed attention on the dashboard and steering,as well as to avoid the strong wind coming at him as he races.

What's great about these fine-looking toys is that I'm sure the photographer has 
a great feeling when photographing them. I know I would. When you see such toy in such great condition, and know that children also must have enjoyed the so long ago, you just can;t help but smile!

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