Saturday, August 17, 2013

Need a Buddy "L" Part?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Need a Buddy "L" Part?

  I was on E-Bay the other day, when I caught sight of a huge Buddy "L" toy. I didn't know that they made such a big toy, but they did. As I "checked out" the seller, I noticed that he sells replacement parts for Buddy "L" toys, as well as some others.  However, his sales were mostly for Buddy "L", but I did find a Sturditoy replacement that had been sold. I was curious about this, so I decided to check out the Wikipedia to look up what the population of the USA was when Buddy "L" toys were made. So below are some of the census data:

1910:     92,228,496 
1920:   106,021,537
1930:   122,775,046
1940:   132,164,569
1950:   150,697,361

  Of course, the company continued much later, but the fine pressed steel toys that were the most associated with the Buddy "L"  company were produced in the times that I chose for the census data. Therefore, I concluded (rightly or wrongly) that there certainly would have been lots of Buddy "L" toys made in those 40 years to have someone make replacement parts for these toys.

   I f you go to the link below (One of my Buddy "L" posts) you'll see most of the parts that are made by Buddyktoys. That the name of name of the company that Dave owns, and he sells both through E-Bay and his company in Pennsylvania.

   If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that I always try and give exclusivity to just one seller or company, so that's why I'm redirecting you there.  I also didn't want to distract you (the readers form looking at other photos, when the images of the replacement parts are so nice to see and focus on.  

Buddy-K Toys

   As you can see, some of the parts are very sophisticated, and require lots of time to assemble and weld. The owner of Buddy-K Toys is a man by the name of Dave (I always forget to ask for peoples family names when corresponding with them). Dave's been in business for more than 25 years, and is located in Hellertown, Pennsylvania (USA). Dave also specializes in Keystone, Sturditoy,American National, and Steelcraft. His company also has parts and decals for toys through to the 1960's, and even does restoration work for these pressed steel toys.

   It's nice to see that these old toys, some of which are 90 years old, still have a following of collectors who like these marvellous toys. And it's nice to see that someone  is helping to keep these collectibles in excellent shape for another 90 years.

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chuck said...

hi Stacey,

looking for a red baby international harvester cab.

please contact me by phone (248)379 1046

thank you,


Unknown said...

Looking for the top half of bulb for a buddy l pop art lightbulb buggie

Michele Lee said...

I dont seem to be able to locate "hydraulic rams" for Buddy L and Nylint dump trucks. Does anyone have any helpful information? I need 3 for trucks mu grandson and grandaughter love playing with.

toysearcher said...

Hello Everyone,

Here are several places where you might find replacement parts for your toys:

1. Thomas Toys - Just do a search on Google
2. Toydecals on ebay

Thanks to everyone for writing,


toysearcher said...

Hello All,

Here is one more person who sells toy parts:



toysearcher said...

ANd yet another toy parts reference,

buddyktoys on ebay