Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Checking Out a Future Auction

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Checking Out A Future Auction

    More and more auctioneers and auction houses  are going to bidding via the Web.  As a result, they need to prepare in advance so that all of the viewers and the bidders who will go to the auction can see the items ahead of time. So that's how it was that I came to visit Dan Morphy's Auctions and came to post today. I looked a bit more than usual to try and find items that I may nor have seen before, and I did find many. He also seems to always have a nice collection of  shaving mugs from a long time ago, but since I write about toys, I rarely "investigate" these interesting items.

This toy is quite interesting
After the toy is wound,the fireman goes up the ladder!

What makes the 4 above listings more valuable is that they happen to have their original boxes.

This is a Marx truck that I've never seen before.
It's too bad that I can't see the rear door, as I think it's one of those steel platforms that rise and fall for unloading merchandise from a "real" truck.

I haven't seen the milk wagon before .The casting is quite interesting, as it involved producing the milk cans on the inside of the cart.

This surrey is interesting from the two different metals that it was made form. Normally, these pull toys were made from just cast iron in the early 1900's. However, this one happens to be made from both cast iron and tin.

Imagine that this particular listing has all  of its original pieces intact!
The wires attached to the front wheel cause the pair of horses to move up and down as the toy is pulled. At the same time, the bell underneath the wagon chimes

Farm toys have always been a favourite of farmers in the USA. 
The two slightly different  offer the buyer a nice start to any collection.

Finally, here's a very rare tractor. What makes this particular Arcade cast iron tractor rare is that the front steering part is nickel-plated. This one certainly would be nice to add to any collection.

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