Thursday, August 15, 2013


Thursday, August 15, 2013


  A few days ago, I was searching for something, when  a nice photo caught my attention. So when I went to "view image page", I discovered the wonderful site of TinMania. As it turned out, the owner of this site is Mr. David Hall. He wrote me back, and gave me permission to write.   If I could change my layout and design of my blog,  David's exemplary site would  be an example of how I would design my new layout.  It's neat and clean, easy to move through, and has of course great photos.  It  also has excellent information on each of the items being sold. ANd if that is not enough, you can visit  David's  TinMania TV to see mini episodes of how many of the toys actually work.

   David's specialty of his sales is in the area of mechanical tin toys.  They're made from lithographed tin, and have wind-up mechanisms  that allow the toy and its figures to move and "perform". I won't say more, because I'd spoil the great things that some of these toys do!

I decided not to do much writing, as David has done a great job. I just  narrowed each of his written descriptions and photos to present vertically, whereas on his site, there is much more "space" to view everything.

When I looked at the first photo of the peacock, I had to do a search to see what peacock feet looked like.  They actually look vert menacing and have 3 toes. However on the toe, they feet resemble elegant shoes of the early 20th century.

This particular was made by the Hans Eberl (Germany) toy company for a long span of 12 years - from  1906-1918. If you look closely at the photos you will be able to figure out what this toy actually does. It's not on TinMania TV, but wait till you see some of the other movements of the other toys!

Just look at the wonderful detail of the plumage (feathers) of the pressed tin peacock!
They certainly made beautiful toys way back then!

David also has some interesting book about toys.
 It's hard to find books on old toys,and here are two.

Don't forget to visit David's TinMedia TV
Even his videos were made well, and he even did some cuts, edits, and zoom ins for these "short" but most interesting "moving images".

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