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Monday, August 4, 2013


   Doing a repeat search through Google is like the from the movie Forrest Gump uttered by Forrest being played by Tom Hanks.  "My  momma always said,  Life is like a bowl of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." And so it was the other day when I did a search for old toys. I found a fantastic site called 1stdibs with a great seller by the name of radio-guy (small  letters). That photo  had never appeared before.

  1stdibs is a website that brings together an eclectic array of  very 1500 very high-end dealers and sellers of art, jewellery, collectibles, and many other areas. What makes the site so interesting is that the level of "very different" items is quite high, and not necessarily "the run of the mill type of item". Of course there are search parameters that can be set to meet your spending limit, but it's the range and span of the items that makes the site so interesting.

  Of course, since I was looking for toys, what first attracted me on Google that day was a nice photo of a 1930's Wyandotte car. I use the  Google image search to look for toys. From there I clicked on the mouse to get to the website, which brought me to 1stdibs and immediately to a page of toys. On the page were all the toys, but of course was the red Wyandotte car. Clicking on that brought me to  the radio-guy page. On the page I saw this fantastic photo/logo which you can see below. I used that photo as the watermark for all of the photos today. 

But that wasn't the end to the search.I naturally had to visit the radio-guy site and find out more. That's when I was really taken aback! It turns out that radio-guy is Mr. Steve  Erenberg, and he is located in Cortland Manor, New York, USA.  His website is spectacular in terms of design, organization, and of course the photography. I don't want to say too much, because I want you to go there and have a look.  But I'll say one thing that Steve's site reminded me of - The Smithsoniam - American History Building! When I visited Washington D.C. (USA) several years ago,and visited this building, you could have left me there for a month. We only had 4 hours to spend there, but what there was to see just "grabbed" your attention and kept you affixed to all of the contents!

The Photo below is at the top of radio-guy's page on 1stdibs
Clicking on website (bottom lower left) will get you to his own website.
You can view a lot of his items on either site, but of course, there's more at his own website.

Below is the opening page.

I didn't get any information from Steve. Most people that I contact are usually too busy to write, so I take information from their website about them and their company. As you can see, Either Steve has a great sense of desgn and organization in his page desigbn's graphics. Either he did it himself, or found a great web designer to work with.

Below id the car page.

I've never seen the 3 toys above before!

You'll have to view all of Steve's great photography in slide view mode in Blogger. 
The details of each listing and his photography are not to be missed!

I like the 3 close-up detail photos in this 4-image vertical.

When you go to Steve's website you'll see plenty of composite photos such as the one below.
These montages are  are an excellent idea to get an initial view of any particular item that is listed for sale.

The image above is of a 1952 Packard.
I couldn't fin information on Steve's site, but a writer on the Net wrote that.
Great hood ornament!

On 1stdibs, Steve mentions  on several listings (not the one above) that he travelled to Europe from where he purchased some of his items. The  Renault Frigate (dark plum car ) second on this post.
Meccano was a British company akin to the USA's A.C.Gilbert erector sets.

The 3 pages appearing below are example of his other pages.
If you to look at other interesting items , there are plenty on Steve's website. When you click on any item, a new page will come up with a montage of many photos. Most of the time, there is a shirt explanation of is ebing shown. However, I'm sure, you can write to Steve for more information on any item.

 The Vehicle Page
A montage of the bicycle on the previous vehicle page

Page 3 of the radio page

I wonder if the above radios are wired and could actually work?  My friend has a friend who likes to collect listen to old vinyl records on a modern turntable that actually has tubes. THe turntable and amplifiers are very expensive, and the sound certainly is excellent. I just read that audiophiles are now starting to return to the previous age of turntables and listening to music from a bygone era.

If I turned on one of those old radios, would I be able to listen to those old soaps on the radio or those old series such as The Lone Ranger" or Jack Benny?

Now that certainly would be worth listening to on an old radio!

I decided to stop here, because I wanted you-my readers, to visit Steve's website. 
It's like a visit to the Smithsonian, but right in your own home.
You definitely will not be disappointed!

Thanks for dropping by,

and as always,
have a great part of the day,
wherever you may be.

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