Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cast Iron Bus Passengers

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cast Iron Bus Passengers

   As I was browsing Liveauctioneers this morning for my next post, something caught my eye. It was a cast iron old toy bus. What was so different from I'm normally used to seeing is that this one had passengers. So I investigated further, and sure enough, there were other listings that in fact had passengers. Interestingly enough, most of the listings were of items that were not in the highest prices. Not only was this interesting, but I learned something else, which was to look at all the listings of a search, rather than just focus on the most expensive and usually most interesting items in a search! 

Both of the cast iron busses above (Kenton and Arcade) are the larger-sized cast iron busses. They also received much-higher final bids than the items below.  Notice that they don't have any passengers.  

It could just be coincidental that all larger-sized cast iron busses did not have passengers, or perhaps, the larger-sized busses never came with passengers.

Mind you, the Kenton above is relatively large, but it does have passengers. On the other hand, it did not garner a final very high winning bid.  The passengers are hand-painted cast iron.

Here's a repainted old Kenton bus that is also large. However probably due to the repainting, it again did not achieve a high final bid compared to other nom-passenger large-sized cast iron busses.

Another Kenton cast iron bus with hand-painted cast iron passengers.

The final image for this blog -  still another Kenton cast iron bus with 
hand-painted cast iron passengers.

I'll have to do more research to see if what I have concluded is in fact true or just coincidental.
Of course, I always am open to receiving e-mails from readers to help me out!

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