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Cast Iron Taxis Not in Black and Orange

Monday, August 11, 2014
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Cast Iron Taxis Not
in Black and Orange

  Yesterday's post was all about the taxis in the large American cities which were painted in yellow and black. The toy companies all decided to painted then in orange and black.If you were to visit any of these cities then you'd have seen a parade of all yellow and black taxis. However, not all taxis were in those colour combinations, nor were the toys.

I always admire how the toy companies would add a nickel or nickel-plated drier to their cars. 

 The diamond shapes on the  windows add a different touch to this toy.

Of course, without colour film for taking photos, the yellow and black taxis would have looked like this as photo!

Naturally, as America grew, companies developed to fill the demand for the needs of the country.
A  few "real"companies by the name of "Diamond Taxi" were around at the time.
I like how the spare tire and the license plate were cast as one piece for the back. The piece was screwed into the chassis.

This Freidag taxi has a screw in the centre door that attaches the 2 halves of the cast iron car together. Sometimes "fakes" or reproduction cast iron toys are made with screws to attach the 2 halves together, compared with the one solid piece poured into the mould.  Of course the Freidag model above is authentic.

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