Friday, August 1, 2014

A Very Rare Kingsbury is Discovered

  Friday, August 1, 2014
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A Very Rare Kingsbury is Discovered

    The Kingsbury Company still exists today, but long ago gave up its manufacture of toys. The company is located in Keene ,New Hampshire, USA. The company manufactured larger-sized pressed steel toys, and had a patented wind-up motor, that was used inmost of their mobile toys. I've personally had one of these toys and they're beautiful because of the quality of how they were made, and their nice larger size.  This morning, as I was browsing on Liveauctioneers, I came across a past sold listing for a "very rare" Kingsbury "Parcel Delivery Van Truck. I searched further, found another rare truck, and an earlier one (not as rare). And that's how today's post came to be. 

The toy below is an early 1920's version of the Kingsbury "Special Delivery" truck. If you read one of my recent posts, you'd realize that the open cab where the driver sits is a design form that time period. As early as the 1920's you can see the wind-up patented motor under the chassis of the truck. It's in the rear axle area.

The truck below is one of the "rare" Parcel Delivery" trucks. Because I don't have Kingsbury catalogue from that time, it's hard to know which of the 2 toys below is older. Whastdifferentiates the 2 toys is the fact that the "rarest of the rare" Kingsbury trucks (the last one), does have electric headlights (battery operated).

The truck below has those electric (battery operated) front headlights. The small lever on the right side of the middle photo (in the cab) would probably be the on/off switch for the battery and front headlights. It would have been a great car to play with because of its size, the mobility via the wind-up mechanism, and of course the front headlights.

 I've written about the Kingsbury toys before, and if you do a search, you'll find a great post on the early Kingsbury cars. That post is one of the best that I ever presented. It has lots of beautiful Kingsbury cars from that early time. Just do a search for "Kingsbury" and you should find several of my posts on this fine American toy company.

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