Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Beautiful Antique Toy Automobiles Coming to Auction

Wednesday, August 20,2014
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Beautiful Antique Toy Automobiles
Coming to Auction

   One of the auction houses to first help me with my blog was Bertoia Auctions. Originally I bought and sold toys on ebay, and used the photos to start my blog. The  ebay was great, but I didn't make much money and probably lost some. Also, I maximum budget for any one toy was capped at about $ 200.00 US. Eventually, business slowed, and I decided to liquidate everything at "bargain-basement" prices and wait.  I came up with the idea to ask sellers and auction companies if I might be allowed to use their photos and that stated me to a new level of toys. Being able to access toys that I could never afford, nor could most of us, allowed me to see  the most wonderful toys that one could imagine. Of course, the toys that I purchased on my budget became the cornerstone for my writing "hobby". 

   I write about auctioneers, sellers, collectors,and museum toys, but I always like to return to several auctioneers, especially Bertoia Auctions. Excellent photography, a great knowledge of toys, and the reputation to match all make Bertoia what it is today - an exceptional toy auction company. However, it's the fine people in the family-run business that make the company such a success.

The auction is titled the  "2014-09:Fall Festival Sale", 
and will take place on September 19th and 20th 2014.

What attracted me to these particular toys is the fact that the images were larger than I usually see.As such, the details are easier to see when I provide correspondingly larger-sized images.

What's great about larger-sized photos is that you see the detail easier.

In the image immediately below, you can see the brake on the right rear tire, a brass-coloured rack on the roof, a beautiful world country travelled and stickered labels on the piece of luggage,  with its handle. THen you can see the release lever for the handbrake to the right of the driver, who happens to be  driving a  right-handed steering automobile!

The windshield is probably glass!

The above photo illustrates the large centrally-positioned lantern (headlight), along with 2 more to the left and right of the windshield (windscreen). the door  behind the "chauffeur" actually has a beautiful handle that opens the door. Then there are the beautiful red-spoked wheels with the rubber tires.

What's interesting about the toy below are what I would assume are 2 small red lights 
just in front of the chauffeur.

Just look at that beautiful front grill made of nickel! What I always like, as in the original real cars are those oversized springs on the front of the toy.

Then have a look at those textured seats of the car!

I'll let you look at this fine Karl Bub limousine below. Lots and lots of beautiful detaiul

The final toy for today's post is a German-made American taxi.
It was made by the famous German toymaker - Bing.

What is interesting is that ornament to the front of the driver's door. It's a sign that American taxis would have to show to potential riders on the street if the taxi (cab) was available or was occupied.

You can better see the occupied/unoccupied sign in the above photo. I would assume that the red flag meant occupied and no sign meant available - of course  I could be wrong.

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