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Some of the Finest toys ever Made

Friday, August 15, 2014
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Some of the Finest Toys 
Ever Made

   If I ever get to visit Europe, I have to visit the toy museums of Germany. I've written about many kinds of toys from many different countries, and Germany certainly ranks very high when it comes to manufacturing quality toys with exceptional detail. When I saw the first toy that is presented today (several weeks ago), the detail is so meticulous and fine, that I thought that I was looking at a salesman's sample.  I've written about salesman's sample many times, and although they're not "toys", If I had the money, I'd buy a few just to play with them!

   However, as I mentioned, this first toy will be coming up for auction on September 19 & 20, 2014.  I was going to give it exclusive highlight on a single post, but searched further to add several more of these exceptional wary 20th century fire-fighting equipment. Their exceptional to me because of the attention to detail, the fine craftsmanship, and the fact that they were made by hand!

This fire engine pumper is exemplary of the real pull-sized pumpers that existed in the early 1900's in Germany. The boiler has both a brass top, and a lower polished copper section. There is a water glass at the back  to show the level of water inside the boiler. The pump is run by the steam engine. THe back hose seen in the foreground has a beautifully-detailed copper head with perforated holes to strain any "dirt" that would have existed in any local source of water (e.g. a lake or pond). This was the intake for the water, and it would have been passed on to a hose held by firemen that ant the water with a high pressure on to the actual fire.

Below, you can see the brass nozzle to which the output water hose would have been attached.
It is just to the left of the black water hose that is already attached to the other nozzle.

The well-photographed image below shows you the back of the fire pumper. The silver-coloured rectangular container below the brass and copper boiler would have contained the fuel to heat the toy boiler for the actual activation and function of this toy. There is a small vertical cylinder where there appears or would have been the wick to heat the boiler, a small valve on the front vertical surface to allow air into the fuel compartment, and another larger-sized semi-circular topped cylinder, where I assume the fuel would actually be added.

For sure, parents would have been around to supervise children as they played with this exceptional toy.  

If you look at the actual wheels,you can see the metal rim of the wheel, that covers the wood  spoke wheels. You can also see the glass vertical cylinder to show you the level of the water in the boiler.
To the left centre is the silver-coloured flywheel just inside if the large rear wheel.

I don't often see such marvellous toys, so I was elated to find it, and then find a few more to present today.

The beautiful pumper below was also sold by Bertoia Auctions. I've explained the mechanics and operation with the first fine model. What's interesting with this model are the model firemen dressed in their period uniforms. As well, have a look at the glade and brass-topped lamps that appear on the sides of the front bench. 

At the back of the boiler there are a bucket and a large funnel. I'm sure that would have been for the coal that would be placed into the boiler to heat the water to run the pistons.

I would highly recommend to view these images in Blogger's slide mode
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Finally, there is the model below - a later model circa 1920.In the topmost photo, you can see the handbrake on the rear right side of the pumper. There are two small lanterns (lamps) at the front  of the pumper, nozzle heads underneath the copper dome (I'm unsure what exactly that dome is). The ornate silver-toned railing is exceptional detailing for this toy.

Looking at these three exceptional toys certainly takes ones' breath away,and makes sharing my writing a true pleasure for wanting everyone to read about my daily discoveries.

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