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Time Motorizes On (Time Marches On)

Saturday, August 9, 2014
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Time Motorizes On
(Time Marches On)

   Theres an old expression - "Time Marches On", bit for today, I transformed the expression into 
"Times Motorizes On". With the successful development of Henry Ford's Model "T" assembly line, and fast-moving development off the automobile and the truck, the "writing was on the wall". That expression basically means that you can plainly see how the future will be changing). And so, the master steed who had laboured and toiled for centuries would be given his well-desrved retirement. The truck and engine were to replace the horse.

  Of course, the transition was slow, but in the end, machines would inevitably replace the horse for pulling the big boilers and ladders on a wood-based and wheeled vehicle. Eventually there would even be factories to manufacture an al-n-one fire truck.  

  Initially, the change was slow, and thus old horse-drawn wagons could be adapted with engined trucks. That's how the term "transitional" came into use to describe the newly-modified vehicles.

THe vehicle below is a small one for smaller-sized fires.

You can easily see how the horse drawn pumper above, 
changed into the motorized from cab below.

It must have been very hard for the three horse team to move such a large-sized fire wagon.
I've seen cast iron fire wagons that are even bigger and much longer, and pulled by 6 horses. 
Can you imagine the loud noises that 6 horses and the wagon and bells made as they went form the fire station to the fire!

 Once again, you can see how easily it was for the motorized engine and cab could be adapted to the previous team of horses. I would have hoped that the horses got a well-earned retirement. However, just as the retirement, I'm sure some of the horses missed the action even though the retirement was much easier on them. 

And I'm sure, the firemen, missed their companions as well!

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Sofia Kerry said...

I just checked your blog and its great blog having too good antique toys collections. I like your time motorizes on time marches on toys.


toysearcher said...

Hi Sofia,

Thanks for visiting my blog and making the comment.


These are very good collection i must say, very beautiful toys and good design with antique looks.