Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fisher Price Revisited

Sunday, August 31,2014
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Fisher Price Revisited

   Bertoia auctions is auctioning a nice collection of early Fisher Price toys. I've already presented a few posts of other fine toys in this collection, but I decided to also present the early Fisher Price toys. In the 1960's I'd watch early morning  TV with cartoons on Saturday with my brothers and sister, and you could not watch a program without a Fisher Price advertisement. I always thought the company started up at this time, but whenI wrote my original post, the company had started in the 1930's.

   I always have mixed feeling about collections being sold. On the one hand someone got lots of pleasure from collecting, and on the other hand, the collection would now be dismantled. On the positive side, more people, who probably grew up with these toys would now have the opportunity to recollect weigh their early childhood memories.

The early toys were actually fun toys that children would play with. IN the 1960's the advertisement on TV was geared to stimulating your children to learn early childhood skills.





An angry Donald Duck.

I didn't know that there was a Donna Duck.
I just remember Daisy.




What's interesting to see is how these toys have stood up to "the test of time".
Almost all of them are in quite good condition, and I'm sure make sounds.

(The year that I was born)

If you venture over to Liveauctioneers and type in Fisher Price, you'll get to see the rest of the collection up for auction.If you also press "sold", you'll be able to see all of the Fisher Price toys that have been sold and resold over time.

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Bob Walden said...

The early Fisher Price were really neat. Not so the later plastic, IMO. I do have a suggestion. Saturday I went to an auction primarily for an old Arcade farm wagon. I have a really nice one but this one had an Arcade decal on it. Mine doesn't have the decal. When I looked at it I question it in my mind because as the wagon was worn extensively (not a problem for me because it doesn't have to be pretty for me). Yet the decal was pretty much intact. Think maybe it was a newer replacement decal. Man said "oh no! It was original. I didn't buy it. Would be curious to know if you have any pointers on identifying original decals from model decals. Love to see a column or so with close ups for identifying them. Just a thought.

Bob Walden said...

Sorry. Should have been "original decals from modern decals" not model decals.

toysearcher said...

Hi Bob,

Interesting suggestion. I'll have to research this!
Thanks as always for commenting,