Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Rare French Hay Truck

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
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A Rare French Hay Wagon

   I wasn't looking for the fine toy that I discovered for today's post. I was seating for stake trucks, and this French toy came up. I didn't want to present it by itself, so I searched for more "Toy Hay Trucks", but didn't find any on Liveauctioneers. So today, this fine French Hay truck gets exclusive billing (A movie term for showing or starring) on the post.

The  French word fourragère means to forage, as to search for food.
I'm sure  it also has a meaning related to gathering hay for feed.

It's interesting that I couldn't find any other hay trucks, because farm toys are one of the more popular collectibles on ebay and the Net. I'll have to venture over to ebay France  and see if I can find other hay trucks or toys.

It's a nice looking truck, and the driver's door opens. I like the headlights and the front grillwork.

I'm wondering how the hay was loaded onto and into the truck?
Did they have those wide-moving tracks that scooped up loose cut hay,
then moved it up unto the truck?

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