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A Rarer Kingsbury Huckster Truck

Tuesday,August 26, 2014
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A Rarer Kingsbury 
Huckster Truck

   For today's post, I had to search the dictionary (the Net) to learn what the term "Huckster Truck" meant. In the normal lexicon usage, the word "huckster" is definitely not positive or flattering. Needless to say, I'll let you check out the definition on your own. 

However, as the term "huckster Truck", it means:

'A "huckster" is not a Ford model, but rather a style of converted vehicle used in the early part of the 20th century. The rear of this type of car was often fitted with a wood enclosure that was filled with goods for sale. These goods could then be taken directly to the people in the community. Model T and Model A Fords are two examples of vehicles that were built into hucksters.'

* Citation (Where I used the material from)

I don't know if the original Kingsbury Huckster came with a pair of chains and hooks at the back of the truck. In the above photos,  you can see a rear door with hinges that can fold down. The chains and hooks would have kept the door from falling all the way down to a vertical position. In both toys above, you ca see left and right sets of holes both on the frame of the truck,and on the rear door.The chains would be only long enough to let the door move to a horizontal position to be able to hold a limited amount of merchandise on it. I did see one model on ebay with the chains and hooks.

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