Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Girard Airplanes - Part I

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
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The Girard Airplanes

   I decided to post today about the Girard airplanes. The Girard toy company produced toys starting in 1906.  The company was founded by Mr. C.G. Wood in 1906, in Pennsylvania.  With his son Frank, the name changed to Wood's Mechanical Toys. By 1931, with financial difficulties during the great depression, , Louis Marx had purchased the company.Their more famous toy is the fire chief coupe that you see below.  If you ever do a search anywhere on toy auction sites or on ebay, the #1 toy that will come up when doing "Girard Toy" is the fire chief coupe. However, Girard also produced nice toy busses and  airplanes.

  If you search, you'll also see a similar car that was made by the Marx toy company. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Louis Marx had purchased the company in 1931, and produced the very popular fire chief coupe, but under his own label.

  So for today, I decided earlier on the weekend to search for the fine Girard airplanes.

What's interesting about the value of these 90 year old toys is that they can be purchased at auction for a lower price than many other toys of the same era. I don't know why, but they certainly are nice to collect.  What's also interesting to note is how fast the airplane developed in 20 years from when the Wright brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 7, 1903.

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