Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Rare Erie Boeing 4 Engine Airplane

Sunday, June 1, 2014
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A Rare Erie Boeing 4 Engine Airplane

   I generally return to old posts  either "just like that" or whenever there are comments. I reply to most of them, unless they are "Phishing". For those who don't know, "phishing" is simply an Internet method of searching for people to visit your site, although "phishing" can even involve viruses damaging your computer. 

  So,when I revisited  Mr. Nathan Foreman's 2 previous posts, of which the toys on his posts were very interesting, I decided to visit Nathan's ebay store. Wow! Nathan's been very busy selling lots and lots of toys. Of course when you have excellent feedback from your buyers, are honest with your descriptions, and ship fast and well-packaged, you sell well. Of course, you have to have interesting toys that are in demand to sell as well.

   Nathan didn't have too many items for sell yesterday, but he'd sold many items in the past short while. I didm;t know which toys to select for today, so I looked and looked, and then I saw a  toy manufacturer that I never heard before. It was the Erie toy company.  The toy is a small and nice 
die cast Boeing 4 Engine Airplane that at first I thought was a Dinky or Tootsietoy. However, when I read the description, it was an Erie toy.

 What I find interesting about this toy is the fact that the front cockpit are is a separate piece form the rest of the plane or fuselage. What's also interesting is how small the propellers are.  Perhaps either the real plane had small-sized propellers or the Erie company intentionally made them smaller, knowing that kids would be "rough" with the toy.  In either case, the toy has lasted intact (not broken) for 80+ years.

Another factor that tells me about a seller is his/her extra effort to take more photos.
Even though this is a small toy, Nathan took lots of photos to present this item to the potential buyers.

You can even see how Nathan spent a bit more time arranging the toy to make the photo more interesting . I like that extra "effort", and of course this great "shot" (photo).

It's time to go out and plant more grass seed.  It takes about 3-4 times before you are able to finally carpet your entire lawn with grass and have it grow all over the lawn. It's funny how grass seeds will germinate in some places in miraculous  record-setting times, and in other places the seeds either don't grow or were eaten by birds.

I don't mind the birds snacking on my grass seeds, 
but can't they also go somewhere else - like my neighbours?


A reader wrote and sent me some photos of the "real"  airplane. I couldn't use them as they were borrowed from the Internet. So I went on the Net, and found some to add to the post. The original airplane was certainly magnificent for its time!

As you can see from the airman in the photo, the Erie certainly was a large-sized airplane.

 When the reader sent me his original message, I had to laugh.
He had written that he'd sent me photos of the airplane with its proper-sized propellers, and not the tiny ones that the toy had. I wonder if the tis pot the toy propellers broke off, or the propellers were replaced? I would not like to think that the toy manufacturer made the toy with these propellers!

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Anonymous said...


FYI, this toy is modeled after the Boeing B-17B or C Flying Fortress of the early to mid-1930s. Later E, F, and G versions were the famous Flying Fortresses of WWII fame. I'll send some images to your email address.

toysearcher said...


Thanks for reading my blog and writing.
Your idea was great, and I took your suggestion and added some actual real airplane images that were available in the "public domain", that we all could see and I could use.

Have a great day,