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Some Early and Original Smith Miller Toys

Monday, June 2, 2014
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Some Early and Original Smith Miller Toys

  The current Smith-Miller toy company was created in 1979 when Mr. Fred Thompson purchased the assets of the defunct original  Smith Miller company. The original company had also manufactured toys under the names of  Smitty Toys, and M.I.C. The company today is quite successful, and produces a fine range of realistic toys based on "real" trucks of today. 

 Yesterday, I had added a post of a rarer Erie toy that Mr. Nathan Foreman had sold.  I mentioned that I had not visited Nathan's ebay site in a while, and when I looked at his male sales, I know I would have t revisit him and his fine ebay store.  Nathan is a successful ebay seller. What I like about Nathan is that he takes plenty of quality photographs to present his items.

 You can see that the basic truck frame (with the cab) is similar to all 3 toy trucks. What's interesting is that the second 2 truck beds are partly made  of woo, yet after all this time, the toys are still playable and are in great shape. I like the design of the Coca-Cola truck with its small crate wagon and of course, the lithographed crates.

  What's interesting to this story is that the new owner was a collector of these toys, and needed parts. So in the end, he saw the value in actually buying the company, and continuing the tradition of making fine toys for everyone.  However, his toys of today are more like collectible models. As such, I doubt of the adults who mostly buy them would ever allow their children to "play" with them.

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