Monday, June 30, 2014

Exceptional "Les-Paul" Modern Era Toy Reproductions

   Monday, June 30, 2014
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Les-Paul Toys

  A few days ago, I was on the Pook & Pook Inc. website selecting nice cast iron toy and salesman sample ovens for yesterday's post. At the same time, I notices a few contemporary (modern) reproductions of old trucks. These were made by a company called Les-Paul. I tried to research the name, but forgot to bookmark the little information that I could find.  What I do remember is that 2 brothers created the company. I don't think that it's in business anymore, but they made a nice collection of reproductions based on the pressed steel toys of the 1920's-1930's. Also, the major problem when searching for a toy company by the name of Les-Paul is that you keep getting results for the famous American electric guitar by of course Les Paul!

Every Les Paul toy has a riveted nameplate on the side. 

That's a reproduction of 1920's Mack Truck logo
It's hard to see what the logo is, but it's a bulldog shredding a newspaper in its mouth.

 This is a beautiful Richfield twin tanker that measures a massive 49 1/2" ( 1.257m).
I'm 100% sure these items are collectables rather than being used as toys.

I like the old-fashioned  brass-coloured spout or spigot that you see above.

Pook & Pook Inc. usually present just 1 image for each auction listing. However they have an excellent feature that allows you to zoom in and examine details close-up. I did a screen-capture to illustrate this.

I'll be presenting more of these fine contemporary Les-Paul toys in the near future. When I see restored toys or modern-era reproductions, I try to visualize what a child in 1920-1930 must have felt when he received such wonderful toys for his/her birthday or Christmas!

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