Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Reader Offers his Photos to Share

Thursday, June 5, 2014
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A Reader Offers His Photos to Share

  A few days ago, I got a comment on  a post about JEP toy. JEP was a French toy manufacturer or excellent quality and design.  The reader simply said "nice pictures, if you want, feel free to use any of mine". Of course, that's like telling a child, "would you like some candy"! So I wrote back, and the person, by the name of Adrian wrote back immediately. He has a big collection of fine toys, mainly postwar (WWII)  German made toys for sale. I wrote back to say for sure, I'd gladly use them. . He's selling his toy collection, so I've added his address at the bottom of his name.  I don't know Adrian at all, so you are interested in his merchandise, you will have to deal with him directly.

Adrain has many more motorcycles for sale. However for today's post, I decided to take a sampling of toys from his fine collection. 

At the time of Post WWII, Germany had been divided into East (Communist Russia) and Western Germany (Free Germany). That's why you can see the words "Made in Western Germany" on the underside of the car above.

It's always a good idea to be open-minded and accept invitation from readers.
It's good PR (Public relations), and Adrian, of course has a fine collection of toys, that I was glad to be able to write about.

Better still,I learned form the above 2 toys that Schuco also made animals and people toys. 
You always learn something new about toys!

This fire engine is quite a complicated mechanical toy.  It also happens to be the most expensive toy that the Schuco company ever made. You can see the price that Adrian is asking on his site.

Adrian didn't indicate the age of most of his toys . Once again, I learned that the Trix company makes or made (depending if they are still in business)  construction kits. This particular one is exceptional for it's many different parts and design, as well as its complexity!

I especially like those spoked wheels!

 This is a great finishing photo for today. A low camera angle adds strength to the truck and illustrates the beautiful features. This particular toy is newer, but great condition. It even comes with its original box.

Just below, I've added Adrian's link again, in case you want to go there right away.

So on this rainy day….

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