Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Great Toys in an Upcoming June Auction at James D. Julia Inc.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
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More Great toys in an Upcoming
June Auction at James D. Julia Inc.

   In the last couple of posts, I presented samples of some very nice Steiff toys and of douse my favourites - Salesman Samples.  Today though is the finishing touches or the icing on the cake - toys! James D. Julia Inc. is an outstanding auctioneer. I sometimes look at their many different divisions because the photo quality and the items are just superb. I'm not a gun aficionado, but the items that come to action are historic and beautiful to look at.

   I only selected 5 items for today, so that you'd go to their website to look other items. Their site is better to view toys as they present very large-sized images, and on some special toys they have a 360 degree rotating platform to view the toy all around.

I like this early version of afire pumper because it looks so simple as naive art. Also, the disproportionate size of the rider to the pumper and horses adds a bit of  whimsy to the toy.

It must be nice to actually see the motion of the 2 horses as they are pulled along.
The black horse reminds me of the horses that you see carved on ancient Greek vases.

I've always been amazed at the large-sized European toy ships of the late 19th and early 20th century. First of all is my amazement that they survived in such nice condition for such a long time. My second amazement is that such toys existed for those who could afford them. Of course, there always was, and will be toys or anything else for that matter that has an extremely broad price range.

These boats or ships were carefully hand-crafted to ensure that they were watertight.
You'll have to search through my blog to see some other examples of these ships and how they were soldered together.

The only paper-backed toy that I fever had were puzzles (if you can call them toys). Therefore, I always am amazed that paper toys such as this existed and again, could last for so long.

If  you've been to my blog or are a regular visitor, you would have seen the Hubley motorcycles before. However, you absolutely, positively have to venture to the James D. Julia website to see these toys in the large sizes that are present there. Sometimes, I will talk about "fakes" or reproductions", and these 2 toys are great examples how Hubley manufactured exceptional castings for their cast iron toys. Modern "fakes" or reproductions" either cannot produce such quality, or the cost is too high to produce. 

That red -armoured motorcycle is amazing. The bends band the the rivets of the armour plating , and the strapping on the 2 policemen is exceptional! 

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