Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Introduction to Creek House

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
          Sunny and Warmer

An Introduction to Creek House

 Yesterday, I  was searching for tin toys, when a toy came up that I wanted to check out. AS it would turn out, it was located on a site called  iCollect247.com. I'll be writing about this interesting site in the near future, but for today, I'll be introducing Creek House to you.  Irene Davis is the owner of Creek House, but I believe she is also the administrator of  iCollect247.com.  talk about hard work and motivation.  iCollect247.com is a website that is focussed on "true vintage" items for sale. It's more go a personal-style website, where buyers can see all kinds of vintage items for sale in all kinds of categories.

  Irene Davis wrote back  to explain what  iCollect247.com is all about, and gave me permission to write about her store called Creek House. Her husband has his own store on  iCollect247.com  and that's called Studebaker's General Store.  For today, I'll be presenting Creek House.

What surprise me was that there was a very good selection of toys that I had not seen before on  iCollect247.com .  On the day that I was writing this post (May  6, 2014) there were 1889 listing for toys, and the price range varied from high to affordable for all kinds and types of collectors. 

I was able to find nice toys for today from Irene's store, and these are presented below.

What's interesting about  Creek House is how diverse the categories of toys are. From pressed steel, to  a die cast Meccano set, wood blocks, and a carpentry set. It's always nice to see diversity in a store. AS the old expression goes - "there's something for everyone".

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