Monday, May 5, 2014

A Most Beautiful Hill Climber Toy Truck

Monday, May 5, 2014 
   (Cinquo de Mayo)
(Still another day of cloud and rain!)

A Most Beautiful Hill Climber
Toy Truck

   Often, I'll just browse around on the Net to see what there might be for  a future post. Yesterday, I already had  processed 2 sets of photographs for 2 posts later in the week. However the weather was not co-operating, and so I decided to stay inside. I ventured to ebay and came across a very old hill climber up for sale. Upon further investigation, it was being sold by Randys Toy Shop

    I've been fortunate to be able to use Randy's fine photographs and knowledge to blog with. 
Randy Ibey not only sells toys, but he repairs them as well. You can find further information at his own website.

  For those who don'y know, a friction wheel (for a toy) is a mechanism that builds up power as an exterior wheel is moved forward on a hard surface. The more times you move the wheel,the more energy accumulates. As you release the toy finally on the ground, the stored energy will transfer to the wheels, and the toy will move forward. 

  I've written about these toys before, but today's truck presentation is quite nice, and photographed beautifully with all different angles to present it to the viewer or potential buyer. This toy could have been made by Dayton, Cook, or the Schieble company. As a mechanical movement, you don;t see too many of these types of movements. The three companies made used this movement in the 1920's. 

Inside that semi-circular metal case is the flywheel. It's covered so dirt would not enter the gearing mechanism.

This is a nice photo. A low camera angle, combined with a wide-angle lens adds strength to the toy. 
Bu having to look up to the toy, it becomes "bigger".

The driver is a replacement, but certainly fits in well with the time that the toy would have been seen on the streets. The year was 1921, which coincidently was the year (May 29, 1921) that my mother was born.

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