Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Exceptional World of Salesmen's Samples

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
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The Exceptional World 
of Salesmen's Samples

   James D. Julia is having their upcoming "Advertising, Toy, and  Doll Auction" on June 14, 2014.
Hidden within their wonderful action are one of my favourite items - the salesmen's samples. These are not "really" toys, but for sure their collectible. These are fantastic models that were hand built by model makers for salesmen to travel the American country with their wares.  Many of the actual items were very large, so salesmen had to gravel by train with these miniatures around the country. They mostly travelled by railroad, and the highway system in the USA wasn't very well developed at the beginning the 20th century, and even earlier.



Patented April 23, 1878 by E.J. Marsters and R.A. Fisher #202,737. Complete with original patent tag (worn and stained). Well constructed wood and brass undercarriage framework with six iron wheels. 
SIZE: 12″ l x 7″ w x 3″ h.
304 mm x 178 mm x 76 mm

                                                      PATENT MODEL TRAIN CAR COUPLING.

Patented August 30, 1887 by M.J. Lorraine and C.T. Aubin #369,195. No tag but accompanied by copy of the USPTO illustration and spec sheet. Heavy brass spring loaded coupler mounted to wooden display unit. Affixed with metal plaque reading “J.F. Mallinckrodt & Bro, Model Pattern and Instrument Makers St. Louis, MO”. 
                                                                        SIZE: 12-1/2″ l. 
                                                                          317 mm – Lot 3636



Patented February 23,1915 by William Judd #1,129,102. No patent tag but copy of USPTO illustration and spec sheet identifying model. Multi-faceted brass barrel on a geared framework set within a wooden housing with intake chute on one side and what appears to be a discharge chute on the other. Hand crank rotates mixing barrel. Lever on side controls discharge. Accompanied by original wooden carrying case. 
SIZE: 15″ l x 9-1/2″ h x 12-1/2″ d. 
381 mm x 242 mm x317 mm

                                                     LOT OF THREE SALESMAN SAMPLES.

Lot includes two seeders including one from LR Forney patented June 6, 1876. Consisting of a wooden hopper between two cast iron wheels. When pulled along, gear mechanism distributes product. Also includes wood model with iron spoke wheels with gear mechanism that shakes central seed hopper. Third model is a jointed wooden four runner sled with steel hardware.  
CONDITION: Overall very good. Second seeder’s tow bar is detached but present. Sled has a couple small wood splits. 
SIZE: Varies. Largest is 18-1/2″ l.
470 mm3641

                                             LOT OF EIGHT WAREHOUSE SALESMAN SAMPLES

 Lot of miniature wood, nickel and steel carts, dollies, hand trucks and racks. One dolly retains plaque from Lewis-Shepard Co. Boston, Mass. and Crawfordsville, Indiana. 
SIZE: Varies. Largest is 12-1/2″ l. 
 317 mm
CONDITION: Overall very good to excellent with some wear and scratches. 



Nearly matched pair of galvanized steel windmills on derrick type bases. One is marked on the tail fin “Aermotor Water Systems Since 1888 Conway, Arkansas” on both sides. The other is unmarked and has a ladder attached to the framework. 
SIZE: Each is 17″ h.
432 mm

These salesman samples are certainly historic and collectible.
Since most collectors cant' collect the life-sized items, these models are the next best thing.
What's more, they're beautifully made!

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