Saturday, May 10, 2014


Saturday, May 10, 2014
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   I recently wrote about 2 merchants on a new found website called  One is Irene Davis who is the webmaster of, as well as the owner of her own company, Creek House. The other merchant is Clay Smith, whose company is called Das Bulli Haus. Since I already had the permission of Irene and Clay, I decided to incorporate them into today's post  about

When you go to icollect247, the above screen capture is what appears.In this case, I had already selected toys, so the photos all all toys. The other categories of vintage items are presented on the left. 
Icollect is a website that only ells vintage items. So you will only find true vintage items for sale, and as they mention, not have to screen new from old.

What's also noteworthy is the fact that this site is like a "shopping" mall with many different merchants. Merchandise is presented on each store's pages on the main website. There you'll find  photographs, descriptions, the price of the item, and store policies.

This is the  "about us" page for icollect247.
What's also interesting (please see below) is the they have a nice newsletter that you can read and learn about merchants and vintage and antique items.
Each category of vintage items has a drop down  menu to sort out the different categories within. Since I write about toys, I selected the step-down menu for toys.

The top of the main page of icollect247

The above illustrates the top of the icooect247's page. 
Below is the opening menu of "shop directory", where you can view all the many different sellers. 

This is the same list of toys as I presented previously.

 This is the actual list of merchants on icollect247
I've inserted arrows aimed at  Irene Davis and  Das Bulli Haus (Clay Smith)

The navigation through the website is easy to read and to move around.

 The above page is Irene's . Don't worry about those  question marks (???).
It's a small "quirk" that I informed Irene about, and hopefully their website designer will fix it. Nevertheless, when you do click on a "?", there is no problem, and you are redirected 

The above screen capture is of Clay's store. Again, don't worry about the question marks (???). Click on the ? and you will be redirected to the specific toy without any problem. The page shows you all of the different kinds of toys available. However, as I wrote before, you can search out  a specific category of  toy.

The above image can be found at the bottom of the main page.
It's a nice feature because the magazine provides you with upcoming auctions, as well as informative well-written material about old and antique collectibles.

That's a screen capture about the magazine. 
You can even register to reeve the latest issue via your e-mail address.

I selected a sample  directory of an issue of Antique Back Roads Collectors Magazine.
As you can see it's quite informative.

So that's a post for today. It'a always great to find new sources to write about and to meet new people and their fine items for sale.

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