Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dinky Toys Revisited

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
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Dinky Toys-Revisited
The Earlier Toys

(To be Continued....)

   You can't write about toys without including the famous English company - Dinky Toys. I already had a post a while ago, and thought that I'd add another one. This one includes mostly the earlier ones. The maker of Meccano (Frank Hornby) in 1901 extended the company with the Dinky toy line in 1931. Meccano had up to that time made small cars either from tin or what appears to be die cast.At that time these toys were called "modelled miniatures", but in 1934, the toys became known as "Dinky Toys" These were beautiful small toy replicas of cars,trucks, and in the early years , railway and track accessories. 

A Later Dinky Toy

Another Later Model Dinky
The box resembles the colour and box construction of the Meccano Company

     You can see how the American toy company Tootsietoy was modelled after the Dinky toy line.
At the time, Dinky toys were very popular in England and Europe. Dinky even had a plant in France. At the time, Canada was still "connected" to Britain,and more likely saw much trade of toys with Britain.  

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