Monday, December 17, 2012

Cor-Cor Toys

Monday, December 17, 2012
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Cor-Cor Toys

   I've never seen an actual Cor-Cor toy, but I would have liked to have purchased one to see it up-close. They look well-made , and have stood the "test-of-time" as they have stood up well for all of these years.

   Louis A. Corcoran started up the company in Washington Indiana (U.S.A.) in 1925. When the company moved to a larger place, they name changed from Cor-Cor to Corcoran Metal Products.  It was a successful company and at one time had about 600 employees. Unfortunately, Mr Corcoran retired in 1945 due to illness, and passed away in 1945.(O'Brien's 12th Edition of O'Brien's Collecting Toys)

Most of the toys that appear below are at least 20" (508mm) in length which for the time were large!

I normally don't present several auction houses in the same post. However, it was harder to find enough images from 1 auctioneer. I'm sure the 3 fine auction houses won't mind.

If you've never seen a photograph of a "real Chrysler Airflow, please do a search.
These were beautiful cars at their time, but unfortunately were not big sellers. As a result, Chryler halted production after about only 3 years! 

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John said...

nice images. My family has that exact bi-plane. we also have a firetruck from that era. nice toys that stand the test of time.


toysearcher said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the compliments, but Bertoia Auctions has to take 99% of the credit. I simply Photoshop them against white. I have purchased a Kingsbury toy, which is also in the pressed steel category. These toys will last and last, and I'm sure they gave plenty of children lots of enjoyment over time.

If you're ever interested in sharing your stories, and photos, by all means please do so. I've always glad to be able to have guests on my blog.

Have a nice day,

Stacey Bindman