Monday, December 3, 2012

Old Toy catalogs - Part II

Monday, December 3, 2012
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Old Toy Catalogs

      This is the continuation of the topic about  old toy catalogs. It was good to see that they exist, but it would be better, if there was a blog about them. I'll have to do a search. I'm still expecting that old 1927 catalog from one of those major companies who shipped items all across the US in those times., and earlier. But there is nothing like the real thing, straight from the manufacturer!

  There isn't much to write about today, and I added the descriptions of the auction times and lot numbers for you to find on Liveauctioneers.

 Before ending this post, I have an interest story.In 1972-73 I was studying  pro photography  at a  school in Providence, Rhode Island called The Rhode Island School of Photography. It was soley a photography school exclusively teaching photography. Many people used to mix up that name with the Rhode Island School of Design - a more famous and academic (degrees) school . However, those 2 years at the Rhode ISland School of Photography were great.

    Because I couldn't work in the US, being a Canadian, I had time to check out the state - the smallest in the USA.  One day, I found an old book store, and in the book store were of course old books and magazines. I found a whole pile of old magazines, the name of which escapes me. However, inside were fabulous old car advertisements from the 1920's. I carefully took a few out and  used them for artwork on my apartment walls. Looking at the book cover designs of some of these catalogs reminded me of those old car ads.

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And if you have an old toy catalog and would like to share it on this blog, by all means send me an e-mail.


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