Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Classic Tin Toy Company - Toy Parts

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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The Classic Tin Toy Company

     While I was writing the post for the Orkin toy ship company, I came across toy parts for the Orkins. The search had come up with the Classic Tin Toy Company. When I started to sell toys  onE-Bay, I figured that I could buy the  damaged or missing part toys and fix them up. So periodically,  I'd buy those "scrappers",buy parts, paint them up and sell them.  Not everyone likes "restored" toys, and although I did make a mall profit, the effort wasn't worth the time.

   However, I did meet some very nice you parts sellers and stores, and one of them is the Classic Tin Toy Company. I already wrote a post on the many fine toy parts sellers on the Net ,so just do a search on this blog and you'll find that post.

  What I like about the Classic Tin Toy Company website is their very nice page design. It's colourful, and I like the graphic numerical designs in back of the toys. Also, you can actually see photographs of the parts that you need to purchase.

(Please click on the address above to be redirected to the company's website)

A Sampling of Orkin Toy Ship Parts

A Hubley P-38 Bomber Toy
Circa Early 1960's
Landing Gear and Tire Photo

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The Company Also Does Repairs

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