Monday, December 17, 2012

Cast Iron Car Haulers

Monday, December 17, 2012
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Car Iron car Haulers 

   When I started buying and selling old toys on E-Bay, I started cautiously, and set my budgetary  limits low. Eventually, by the time that I stopped (September 2012), I had set my limit at about 
($ 250.00 U.S.) Sometimes however,you absolutely, positively just have to have a particular toy,  and you break the rule! The Hubley 1938 Car Hauler was that item. It was so "cute", but true toy aficianados  and experts ,might be taken aback by such words! However, I invoke the "kid rule" - any person who collects toys is allowed to say he's a kid at heart, and that absolves him/her from using words that are not in the true toy collectors lexicon!

   When I did purchase that Hubley Car Hauler, it was just so "cute". Just like those tiny Fiats (real cars) that are starting to appear up here in Montreal!  I photographed it for a long time and eventually had to say goodbye to it as I resold it on E-Bay. But that wasn't the end of the story. The buyer write to me to say that a part was missing. I checked, and the cab (truck) seemed to be missing a part, but I had in fact seen others with the missing part, and without. Of course, in business, the buyer is always right! I reimbursed him a fair amount, and both he and I were happy.

     If I can find my photos of the Hubley car transporter and others, I'll add them here in the future. My supposed excellent filing for finding and sorting photos is, I have to admit, bad! I just may have to start using either my Adobe Lightroom or  Apple Aperture one of these days!

Please click on this particular image, as I have uploaded it to a high resolution.
It really is "cute"!

     Well, I did find what I was looking for, but it was a hauler of a different sort.  It's a moving van hauler. If you look at the second set of photos of the Hubley Hauler, you'll see that my cab is the same as that one. However, note that there does in fact seem to be a piece missing in mind. The good news is that I found lots of haulers for my next post - the newer car haulers! It's amazing how I seem to come up with future posts!

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