Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Orkin Toy Ships

Wednesday, December 12,2012

Orkin Toy Ships

The Orkin toy company in Cambridge Massachusetts was created by Mr. Samuel Orkin abou the end of WWI. The company produced large metal ships of tin and pressed steel that had mechanical wind-up mechanisms to propel the ship on water. Most of the toy ships were quite large ranging approximately  from 15" - 35" (381 mm - 901 mm). The company lasted about 15 years but their beautiful toys still are around.

I was looking on the Net when I found the Lloyd Ralston Gallery was listing an upcoming auction for December 15, 2012. IN the listings were these nice Orkins toys, among hundreds of other toys.
If I was a kid nowadays, I'd prefer one of these as a Christmas present WiII or an IPhone5. Then again, I always had different "requests" from others kids.

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I kept this identical toy in to the one above. it
I wanted to show eberyone how 1 of these toys must mhave looked when it was bvrand new.

What's interesting about the Orkin ships is that they have many common parts to them. For example, if you look at the gun turrets on several different warships, you'll see that they're identical- unless of course, the larger ships do have larger-sized guns.

while I was doing a search I found that Classictintoy, a toy parts store, sells replacement parts for this old ships. When I was buying and selling toys on E-Bay, I  used the store. It's good to see that there are replacement parts for these old toys. 

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