Sunday, December 2, 2012

Toy Steam Engines

Sunday,December 2, 2012
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Toy Steam Engines


     A steam engine is a machine that creates mechanical (movement) energy by using a fuel to heat a liquid (water) to steam) the steam moves wheels and gears to create usually motion or force. Motion could be in terms of a train engine, while force could be in the operation of a pile driver.

     The machine dates back 2000 years, but the first  constant movement engine is attributed to  Jacob Leupold (1720) for the creation of a water pump. Most of these pumps were used to remove water from mines deep in the ground. Major other names included in the evolution of the steam engine are  Thomas Newcomen (1712),  John Sweaton (1770's), and of course, the most famous inventor James Watt (1763-75).

     The above was paraphrased from Wikipedia*

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 Like all toys, the steam engine toy was created around real-life machines and vehicles.  I was surprised to find that these toys are still being made today, but are more popular in Europe, than in North America.  The real life-size machines worked off coal at the time,while the toys were powered by alcohol.  My major worry would have been for having children playing with such toys due to the dangers of fire or explosions, or steam burns from leaks. However, I 'm sure that parents were certainly watching their children at the time!

Lot 1457
December 7, 2012
Falk Stantionary Stem Engine (German)
Base Size 10.25" x 8/25"  (260mm x 210mm)

Kenton Cast Iron Steam Engine 

Lot 2458
December 12, 2009
Doll # 507 Traction Engine (moves)
L x H 10.5" x 6" (277mm x153mm)

Lot 1782
February 11, 2012
Schoener Steam TrLocomotive Engine
Base Size 10.25" x 8/25"  (260mm x 210mm)

The red-grill device in the front of the engine is called a "cowcatcher".
The train engine is based on an American design, and that devise was used to push ccattle off the train track with derailing the train.
I'm sure the cows didn't survive!

Lot 2880
December 12, 2009
Marklin # 4067/3 
Length: 12" (305 mm)
This fire pumper would be pulled by 1-2 pairs of horses

Lot 2102
May 15, 2010
Pre WWII - Japanese by C-K (Unsure*)
L x H 10.25" x 8/25"  (204mm x102mm)

Lot 1477
February 7, 2010
Buckman Engine (attributed)
Length: 10.25" (260mm)

   What's interesting about these toys is that  they had to be  very carefully hand-crafted as there was the dangler of explosions. When you at the toys based on the real machines of the time you realize how important machines were to progress. The steamboat and the railroad engine made America advance from a former "colony" of Britain  to an important country by the end of the civil war and later. If you've ever seen a period  American movie of the 1850's-1880's, and especially a western, you'd have certainly seen the train engine and the steam boat!

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