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I'd seen this great website several years ago, and asked the owner if I might use his fine images and descriptions. Mr. Ed Sanford wrote back and gave me his permission. Not only are the photos and descriptions great, but as it turns out, Mr. Sanford is a world export on toys from around the world. Ed also is the founder of another interesting website titled, which as the title indicates, is dedicated to Japanese toys.

What makes Ed's website so great is that it's not only a site for selling toys, but also an excellent resource for finding about toys and their descriptions.  There is even a section for written articles about toys. 

On the site, the toys are sorted into different categories such as Maker (Manufacturer), Cast Iron, Tin Toys, Steel Toys, Plastic, and Wood, Paper, and other toys.

Sturditoy Pressed Steel Oil Tanker
This  pressed steel toy comes with a truck and a tanker. 
The working trailer can crank on and off, and there are
two spigots at the back.
Original Location: Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Cor-Cor Graham Steel Car from Dealership
Beautifully restored  pressed steel toy from the Donald Kaufmann Collection.
The finish is a shimmering pewter colour with silver pinstripes.
Corcoran Mfg. Company
Washington, Indiana, USA

Chein Tin Race Car #3 Windup
Lithographed tin windup toy.
Very good condition .
These toys were very popular in the 1930's-1940's
J. Chein & Co.
New York City, New York & Harrison, New Jersey (USA)

Two Frogs Bank by J & E Stevens
Circa 1890's
Length:  9"  23 cm
Very fine condition
By placing a coin on the flat stomach of the small frog
and pressing the lever, the small frog kicks the coin into
the mouth of the large frog.
J & E Stevens (aka JE Stevens)
Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

Cast iron toys were made from molten steel  that was poured into sand castingd. There were usually 2 symmetrical left and right sides made that were then riveted together. Early castings were brittle, but later the steel was more mild or elastic, allowing children to play with these toys without much breakage.

Hubley Harley Davidson Light Up Cast Iron Motorcycle
Cast iron toy with battery-operated front functioning headlight.
Circa 1930's
Hubley Manufacturing Company,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

An interesting part of the website is Ed's logo page. Logos are important to ensure that the toy is not a copy or reproduction, but is an authentic original!

 Copyright © 2018   Mr. Ed Sanford
Please do not copy without his written permission

The opening page has all of the different categories of toys
that Ed sells on his website.

Each of the categories is further subdivided into smaller categories

If you like my blog, then have a look at Ed  Sanford's website.
You will not be disappointed, and as well, 
you can always purchase toys from him.

Thanks for dropping by,
and have a great part
of the day or evening.

Stacey Bindman

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