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Arnold Motorcycles

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Arnold Motorcycles

 K. Arnold & Co. began  in 1906, and began producing tin toys in Nurnberg, Germany.. They produced an extensive line of model ships, doll house items, and other toys. During WWII, the company was extensively damaged, and the company after the war produced window hardware at its' factory in Upper Palatinate (Oberpfalz).  After a while, the company was able to build small-scale model trains in the "TT" scale ( 1:120). The company went bankrupt in 1995, and was sold to Rivarossi (Italy), which also went bankrupt. The current owner (Hornby)  bought up the company  and its' assets, but now the production is carried out in China.*

* Courtesy Wikipedia

Bertoia Auctions always has nice toys. I decided to visit Liveauctioneers  past auctions for
Bertoia Auctions, and see what Arnold motorcycles were sold from past auctions, and were up for sale in the upcoming March 23, 2018 auction. These motorcycles were made of lithographed tin, and came with riders who could do acrobats on  the motorcycle, as well as  motorcycles with or without battery-operated from headlights. Most of the motorcycle toys below were manufactured in the 1950's. There were also motorcycles produced in the 1940's as well.

Please click here to Youtube to see how these motorcycles operate

Arnold Army Motorcycle
Wind-up key mechanism, with key integrated
 into the body of the motorcycle/
Length:  8"  20.25 cm

Arnold Civilian Mac 700 Motorcycle
Lithographed tin with clockwork mechanism
allowing for dismounting from the motorcycle
when the motorcycle comes to a full stop
Length:  8"  20.04 cm

Arnold Battery-operated Motorcycle
The battery is inside the tube to the right of the driver
Wire attached to the motorcycle, allows the cycle
to rotate in circles.
Length:  8"  20.04 cm

Arnold Mac 700 Motorcycle
Pressed tin with key wind-up mechanism.
As the motorcycle moves, the driver does a few acrobats.
Length:  7 1/2"  19 cm

Arnold lithographed tin toy motorcycle.
Wind-up key mechanism. As the motorcycle moves, 
a small friction mechanism creates sparks inside the front light/
Model 560
Length:  8"   20.04 cm

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